Bohemian Themed Wedding Invitations

Bohemian Wedding Invitation theme


Boho is here to stay

The Bohemian Wedding Invitation theme seems to be here to stay and I can see why. Elegant, beautiful, Organic and stylish are all words that are associated with the Bohemian theme. It is also quite easy to implement this theme everywhere. From your wedding stationery all the way to the big day itself. Therefore, an excellent choice for any wedding theme.

Bohemian Wedding Invitation theme


Bohemian Style to Suit Your Budget

Couples can expect this style to suit any budget hence the popularity of the style in modern weddings. Dresses sell for between €150 and €3000. Same with the decorations on the day itself. Here I will suggest some options for a dress and decorations and maybe you will find a bargain!


The Bohemian Dress

There is nothing more elegant than the dresses designed for the bohemian themed wedding. Brides have scoured the following dresses with great success. Just click the image below.

Bohemian Wedding Invitation theme


Bohemian Decoration

Check out just some of the most noteworthy bohemian styles and decoration I have found on Pinterest. Couples have implemented these decorations at an affordable price and probably more cheaply than you think. Brides have managed to create a bohemian world for their wedding day at affordable prices so don’t be put off.


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Bohemian Wedding Invitation ThemeBohemian Wedding Theme